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TCE, Gadag Alumni Registration Drive

Dear Proud Alumni,

We are happy to share with you the TCEAA (Tontadarya College of Engineering Alumni Association) Alumni Portal of STSKK’s Tontadarya College of Engineering, Gadag.

We feel very proud that our TCEAA portal provides a platform to connect all TCE alumni & to strengthen life long relationship with Alma Mater, institute-alumni-student interaction for career development & guidance, TCEAA network and to keep you updated with all alumni related activities.

Click the Link below to view the portal and register

Registration for this portal takes less than a minute.

Register & start a fruitful journey with the features on the TCEAA portal to share ideas and connect with the alumni fraternity. Do spend some time clicking around and discover.

Hope to see you on the portal soon.

Best Wishes,

Convener, TCEAA

TCEAA (Tontadarya College of Engineering Alumni Association)

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