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Training on COVID19 Preventive AYUSH medicine on 21-07-2020 @ 12.30 pm

Training on COVID19 Preventive AYUSH medicin Master of Ceremony : Prof. Adokshaja Kulkrni Welcome by : Dr. M. M. Awati, Principal TCE, Gadag Guest Speaker : Dr. Sujata Patil, District AYUSH Officer, Gadag Guest Speaker : Dr. Basangouda Patil, Rtd. AYUSH District Officer, Koppal Vote of Thanks : Dr. Iranna Korachgaon, Vice Principal, TCE, Gadag <;groupId=b6a80118-7596-4751-8134-b9c04ac6c058&amp;parentMessageId=1595309477532&amp;teamName=All Teaching Staff Tce&amp;channelName=General&amp;createdTime=1595309477532>

Preventive medicines are distributed to all staff by AYUSH department.

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