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At the onset,  we would like to thank you aspiring engineers for registering  to the Mock KCET 2020 tests.

We hope & trust that this initiative will help create and build the brand value of our institution amongst the potential student community & their parents/guardians.

Please find the test links below for your reference :

On  25-07-2020 @ 10.30 am
On  25-07-2020 @ 2.30 pm
On  26-07-2020 @ 10.30 am
On  26-07-2020 @ 2.30 pm
WhatsApp Image 2020-07-16 at 3.23.20 PM.

His Holiness  Late Jagadguru

Dr. Tontada Siddhalinga Mahaswamiji



The institution firmly believes in its objective of developing and imparting technical knowledge and to harness the natural hidden talents of the students. The college is intending to empower the youth with the technological education to be in touch with the broad spectrum of related subjects and also providing the principles of ethics, discipline, integrity and humanitarian spirit. Let the graduates of this institution become the most responsible citizen of nation and world. 



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