Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Innovation Club:

Our institute has started Innovation Club to develop an environment of creative problem solving, encouragement of new ideas and improving existing products. Club includes members from both faculty and students.


  • To create awareness, educate, nurture and inculcate a culture of innovation among students to generate new ideas and become more innovative.

  • Provide necessary basic skills through training and hands on experiments in areas like Robotics, Networking, Metal machining, Finite element Analysis, Designing and Modeling etc.

  • Help to engage students in innovative and creative activities.

  • To tie up with various organizations, like minded institutions and NGOs in the various activities of the Innovation Clubs.

  • To conduct innovative project exhibition at inter-college levels.

  • To progress from innovation to startup.

Prof. R V Kadi, Coordinator

Associate Professor
Dept of Mechanical Engg.

Dr. K Lokesh, Member

Dept of Civil Engg.

Prof. Shailaja S M, Member

Assistant Professor
Dept of E&C Engg.

Prof. Vijayakumar S M, Member

Assistant Professor
Dept of Computer Sci & Engg.

Prof. Jagadishwar S, Member

Assistant Professor
Dept of E&E Engg.

The Principal,
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