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About the Program

Computer Aided Structural Engineering is an innovative program, focused on the combination of recent advances made in the field of structural engineering and computer science. This combination allows structural engineer the flexibility and freedom for a better understanding of structural behaviour with material and geometric nonlinearity and loading uncertainties. The students join this program with a background in civil engineering. The course provides an excellent grounding in the fundamentals of structural engineering subjects. It also engages in a comprehensive study of computer science subjects such as programming, databases, graphics, visualization etc. The objective of M.Tech CASE program is to include recent advances in the development and use of computer methods for the solution of scientific and engineering problems related to structures.


The objectives of the curriculum, while maintaining the rigor of the program are:

·       to keep students abreast with the latest in Structural Engineering

·       to improve mathematics skills of students;

·       to introduce to students use of latest technology in structural engineering field;

·       to familiarise students with the properties and behaviour of new and emerging materials used in construction; and

·       to benefit domain as well as non-domain students through the program


Advantages (for the student)

Program gives in-depth knowledge of mathematical modeling and computational methods in the areas of non-linear, static and dynamic analysis of structures. It also embraces computer-aided design including visualization and optimization methods.

Duration:   2 years 



Scheme - Click here to view

Syllabus - Click here to view

Meet The Team


Dr. M M Awati

Designation       : Professor

Qualification     : Ph. D ( Civil Engineering )

Email                  :

Contact Number: 9902988138


Dr. Vajreshwari Umachagi 

Designation         : Assistant Professor

Qualification       : Ph.D (Structural Engg.)

Email       :

Contact Number: 9482320979

New Doc 2022-02-11 09_39_edited.webp

Mr. Bharatkumar B Patil

Designation         : Assistant Professor

Qualification       : M Tech(structural Engg.)

Email     :

Contact Number: 9538785206

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